The Hand-eez bicycle grip 10 Year guarantee.

Hand-eez fully guarantees all our bicycle grips against all material defects, deterioration due to ware and tear from use on your bicycle, and decay due to the elements (sun, rain, wind etc.) For a full 10 years. If you believe that your Hand-eez grips have not lived up to there reputation send us your used grips and we will replace them at no charge.

We do not replace grips that have been mishandled or torn due to continual dropping of the bicycle onto the handlebar ends ! PLEASE NOTE: The 10 year guarantee is only available on Bicycle grips, not Industrial or OEM applications.

Replacement grips can only be sent from our Hungarian warehouse, so send the qualifying used grips to;

Hand-eez guarantee
II. Rákóczi F. utca. 195 - 197

Attn: Béla Majerszky

To replace your grips we will need a return address, e mail address (if possible) and a short note in any language describing what's happened with your Hand-eez grips and where they were used. For example, Bicycle, Fitness equipment, Farm equipment, Lawn and Garden equipment etc.