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As the name implies, not only are Hand-eez grips easy on your hands, but they are also;

Quality grips.
Backed by our unconditional 10Year guarantee Hand-eez grips are made from the highest density shock absorbing foam available, a unique PVC vinyl closed cell foam of unequalled durability and comfort, and proudly made in the U.S.A.
Hand-eez grips provide a very high degree of shock absorbing characteristics. High density foam means stronger “Air Cells” embedded within the foam. Stronger “Air Cells” absorb more vibration. Our grips pack between 10-15 “Air Cells” per cubic millimeter in the top half of the grip. The lower half of the grip, the part that touches the handlebar, has fewer and acts as the first layer of this duel density grip.
All hand-eez grips are water resistant. Unlike standard foam grips which tend to absorb rain, Hand-eez grips repel it immediately staying dry to the touch and enhancing safely
in wet conditions. And due to our unique velvet smooth textured surface your hands are less likely to slip in wet conditions.

A 10 year unconditional guarantee says a lot !! Hand –e ez grips have been sold for 20 years now and we are still waiting for our first return ! Due to the unique structure of the foam Hand-eez are highly UV resident and provide the maximum abrasion resistance available in any foam or gel grip. Because Hand-eez grips are Non – absorbent, dirt and oils can be easily washed away.